1. 04.07.2024
    Chronic Key Switching
    Switching and staying between Keychron keyboards.

  2. 02.01.2024
    Go Interfaces - By Witcher-Like Metaphors
    If a king's Go programmer had to hire a witcher.

  3. 29.11.2023
    Of Witchers By Trade
    Being witnesses of truth.

  4. 15.10.2023
    Sunset-Rowing Witchers
    Wandering into the Bald Mountains.

  5. 09.07.2023
    Non-Dissonant Speed Keybindings
    With Sublime Text, Jetbrain IDEs, and Vim/Visual Studio Code.

  6. 02.04.2023
    Witching May Die, But Not Litigation
    So long as men are monsters, there will be litigation.

  7. 01.04.2023
    Search Notes Fast: With Taskwarrior, jq & ripgrep
    Search through Taskwarrior annotations fast.

  8. 29.03.2023
    Moving Away from Todoist - to Taskwarrior, SSH & Dropbox - Part 2
    A syncing workflow with Taskwarrior, Dropbox and SSH + rsync.

  9. 29.03.2023
  10. 23.03.2023
    Copywork vs Master Studies
    One with which to drill, the other to open minds. By both, you learn.

  11. 04.01.2023
    Newton's Commonplace Beginnings
    Isaac Newton's use of waste paper to learn and progress.

  12. 26.12.2022
    Lusa to Overmorrow, Kelmarin to Ereyesterday
    Two days yore, and two days yet to be.

  13. 18.10.2022
    The Airplane Test of Fluency
    Linguistic fluency and focus in flight.

  14. 17.10.2022
    AI Art Is Real Art
    Synthesis and beauty makes art, not just the artist.

  15. 31.07.2022
    Hades And (Non-Ending) Desk Jobs
    Office work ends not upon death.

  16. 03.07.2022
    The Unpreparedness Apology
    To beautifully say, "I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared."

  17. 20.06.2022
    Cultists of Science
    Keep not to discovered untruths - cast them into fire.

  18. 18.06.2022
    Strangling Deeds
    Deeds live on, akin to children.

  19. 15.06.2022
    Prepackaged Thought Cassettes
    Think. If you don't, someone will, for you.

  20. 11.06.2022
    大蛇に嫁いだ娘 - The Girl Married to the Giant Serpent
    A slice-of-life romance between a young bride and a gigantic snake.

  21. 11.06.2022
    Salted Correspondences
    Let stones lie as they were.

  22. 11.06.2022
    Vampiric Pathology
    Supernatural dissections and dissectees.

  23. 10.06.2022
    Teach Thy Tongue to Say: 'I Do Not Know'
    Judgments as opinions, and wisdom upon the uncertainty of opinions.

  24. 08.06.2022
    Counsel vs Client Perspectives
    Advising fairness, and discouraging clients from litigation.

  25. 06.06.2022
    To Teach or To Paint
    A common plight one faces as a craftsman.

  26. 30.04.2022
    Masters of A Fraction of A Dot
    When be you so consumed with winning, above all else.

  27. 21.07.2021
    Basis for Base64
    Reductionist SQLite storage.

  28. 10.07.2021
    Plants Are Maths
    Cauliflowers grow mathematically.

  29. 04.07.2021
    Learning D3 with P5/Processing
    I know D3, and wonder if I should learn P5/Processing too.

  30. 03.07.2021
    Learning Forever
    Learning ad infinitum, notwithstanding tangents, with forever projects.

  31. 02.07.2021
    The Problem With New Tools
    New (software) tools can be difficult.

  32. 27.06.2021
    Eloquent Javascript / Chapter 2, Exercise 03
    Chessboard - in which I review ternary operators.

  33. 07.04.2021
    Harangued Commitments
    One should love the exasperated tone of the bench here.

  34. 23.02.2021
    Counsel Citing Adverse Authorities
    It's rare for counsel to cite adverse authorities.

  35. 12.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#10
    Define a function overlapping() that takes two lists and returns True if they have at least one member in common, False otherwise.

  36. 11.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#02
    Define a function max_of_three() that takes 3 numbers as arguments and returns the largest.

  37. 11.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#01
    Define a function max() that takes two numbers as arguments and returns the largest of them.

  38. 29.09.2020
    Rays of Circumstance
    Shining light on circumstantial evidence.

  39. 29.08.2020
    Magnum Norvig
    The opus of clarity.

  40. 27.08.2020
    Write Like You Play Tetris
    Drop it until you clear it.

  41. 25.08.2020
    Hamstrung Limitations
    Abstractions by choice, not by ignorance.

  42. 25.08.2020
    Triple Buffered Painters
    Useful metaphor for buffering/rendering/switching canvases.

  43. 22.08.2020
    Decoding Code Specimens
    Dissect code like 18th century scientists do their biological specimens.

  44. 20.08.2020
    A Case for Legalese (Or Not)
    Singular interpretations and written objectivity.

  45. 13.08.2020
    Twitter Inspires Carmack
    Get raged, or get inspired.

  46. 13.08.2020
    Consenting Pythonic Adults
    Do it Pythonically, preferably.

  47. 04.06.2020
    Music and Neural Pathways
    Musical memory can trigger motor neural paths.

  48. 04.06.2020
    A Traveling Minstrel's Piano
    Portable note-making.

  49. 20.05.2020
    A Programmer & His Mechanical Friend
    Harder isn't necessarily better.

  50. 27.04.2020
    How Science Should Be
    Sticking to the science.

  51. 14.03.2020
    Sheets for People
    Roll up the sheets.

  52. 05.03.2020
    The Artificers' Duty of Care
    An admonishment to professionals who issue statements with abandon.

  53. 19.02.2020
    STEM, STEAM and Art
    Arts should not be grouped with the sciences.

  54. 13.02.2020
    The Code Language Lawyers
    Debating code of code.

  55. 05.02.2020
    Nostalgic Raging Streets
    Streets of Rage 4 hits home, and it hits hard.

  56. 29.01.2020
    Code & Shame
    Be critical with your code, and sometimes yourself.

  57. 14.01.2020
    Third Time's A Charm
    Strive for two, but best make time for three.

  58. 10.01.2020
    Learned Lumber
    You learn what you read and remember, not what you buy.

  59. 03.01.2020
    Git for Legal Practice
    Version control for lawyers/advocates and solicitors, and its benefits.

  60. 02.01.2020
    Theory and Theatre
    When complexity is used to hide ignorance and feign learnedness.

  61. 31.12.2019
  62. 07.10.2019
    3D & 2D - The Demarcation
    Exploring the two.

  63. 16.09.2019
    Legal Practice & Taking From Software Best Practices
    My litigation style is gradually taking cues from software engineering best practices.

  64. 14.09.2019
    Narratives Hold
    Max Payne 1 is from 2001.

  65. 23.06.2019
    Mood-Clustered Compositions
    Why classification based on moods makes sense.

  66. 11.01.2019
    Clarity of Liskov
    Write clearly, especially with technical answers.

  67. 31.12.2018
    Why Plain Text
    Excellent justifications for use of plain text.

  68. 30.12.2018
    Castles and Air
    A clay of code made of thought-stuff.

  69. 14.12.2018
    Recursion, Succinctly Put
    The rules of recursion.

  70. 29.08.2018
    Damascus Differences
    The real ones, not from Final Fantasy.

  71. 23.08.2018
    Nostalgic Non-Memories
    Pining over something that never happened, thanks to musical stimuli.

  72. 23.08.2018
    Darwin's Details
    Science (and the devil) is in the details.

  73. 22.08.2018
    Heinrich Schliemann's Learning Method
    Dedication and perseverance beyond the average.

  74. 21.08.2018
    Roses as Time
    The withering of roses, the ephemerality of time.

  75. 19.08.2018
    The Brain-Attic
    Mise en place: in vogue (potentially) since 1887.

  76. 19.08.2018
    Saunter Not
    Ne'er a time for sauntering.

  77. 04.01.2018
    Java Almost Requires An IDE
    An IDE as an-almost compulsory requirement is not a desirable language trait.

  78. 02.01.2018
    Genuinely Technical Modesty
    Humility in the face of proven expertise.

  79. 17.12.2017
    To Know C
    Those who know C, and those who actually don't.

  80. 16.12.2017
    When Defying Simplicity
    Of the obviousness of deficiencies in simple/complicated designs.

  81. 16.12.2017
    Sketch, Draft, Craft
    Whatever your art (digital or analogue), we all experiment.

  82. 15.12.2017
    The Python Paradox
    The programmer who gets the better job learn the things they don't need for it.

  83. 15.12.2017
    The Breakings of Julia
    The low-level diving tinkerability of Julia.

  84. 12.12.2017
    Innocent Until Proven Guilty
    On the need to prove guilt, and of being innocent until proven otherwise.

  85. 08.12.2017
    The Song of Java Braces
    When coders become song lyricists.

  86. 07.12.2017
    A Reputation Without Oil
    Advocates known to be frank, honest and sound.

  87. 03.12.2017
    Declarative, Imperative, Functional Sandwiches
    Programming paradigms and sandwiches.

  88. 03.01.2017
    Debugging: Twice As Hard As Writing Code
    'Twice' is probably an underestimation.

  89. 12.07.2016
    Refunctin' Blocks
    Skies and seas of serenity.

  90. 11.07.2016
    SublimeREPL's Slow Printing/Freezing - A Solution
    Applies when you're using the interpreter.

  91. 09.07.2016
    The Lawgiving Coder
    Coders as creators of universes and law.

  92. 12.03.2016
    Transcript of Tifa Funk - Interlude Solo (Tifa's Theme by Tetrimino)
    My transcription of the piano interlude from "Tifa Funk".

  93. 05.03.2016
    Rather Be (Alexa Goddard's Version)
    Transcription of Alexa Goddard's acoustic cover of Clean Bandit's "Rather Be".

  94. 08.02.2016
    Eye to Eye (Jonathan Young's Version)
    My transcription of Jonathan Young's cover of "Eye to Eye".

  95. 24.01.2016
    Prayers Like Magic
    Your prayers to court are, in a way, akin to incantations.

  96. 03.01.2016
    Creators And Their Gems (Polished or Otherwise)
    Not all work will turn out gems.

  97. 21.12.2015
    Emails and English Weather
    The English sure love their weather.

  98. 24.10.2015
    Salomon v Salomon is Antiquated
    Our courts shouldn't apply Salomon v Salomon so strictly.

  99. 16.10.2015
    Statements Without Data
    This is supposed to be based on "research findings".

  100. 16.10.2015
    Don Ted E. Bear Waltz - Guitar Arrangement (Sam & Max)
    My transcription of 'Don Ted E. Bear Waltz', from Sam & Max.

  101. 06.10.2015
    Subservient/Servile Written Malay
    The differing tone of formal written English and Malay.

  102. 28.09.2015
    Mocking the Law - Excessive Judicial Discretion
    When judges should be chastised.

  103. 06.09.2015
    Big Illegal Guns
    Heavy-duty firepower, for the malaria-tainted protagonist's picking.

  104. 11.08.2015
    Proper Denials and Bare Denials
    Denials in two kinds.

  105. 23.07.2015
    The Line Between Gifts and Bribes
    Gifts and bribes in Malaysia - the difference/similarity.

  106. 22.07.2015
    Fair Judges of Fair Play
    If only most litigants leave court satisfied.

  107. 19.07.2015
    Deadened Demonyms
    Fascinating names/titles of games and their objects/venues/items.

  108. 12.07.2015
    José Mujica's Humility
    Being both high and low.

  109. 28.06.2015
  110. 20.06.2015
    Mike Tyson on (His) Lawyers
    As a lawyer, become your client.

  111. 18.06.2015
    Crisp Tweets
    Twitter's 140-character limit forces you to write crisply.

  112. 15.06.2015
    Supposedly Cultivated Tastes
    The condescending and insecure feel superior by rejecting what others like.

  113. 14.06.2015
    Just the Two of Us (6-Bar Guitar/Sax Copy)
    My transcription of Mindi Abair's solo part of the cover.

  114. 13.06.2015
    Sexism Against Modern Men
    Steven Crowder's enlightening interview with Dana Loesch, a former feminist.

  115. 12.06.2015
    He Conquers Who Endures
    The meaning/usage of 'vincit qui patitur'.

  116. 08.06.2015
    Knowledge Trees
    Learning the way branches branch.

  117. 31.05.2015
    Judges Should Not Fear Criticism
    They should welcome it.

  118. 18.05.2015
    Indian Judicial Writing
    Please don't write like this.

  119. 17.01.2015
    Grandma - Guitar Arrangement (NieR Gestalt)
    My transcription of 'Grandma', from NieR Gestalt.

  120. 17.12.2014
    Horse years.

  121. 18.07.2014
    Keep Learning Songs
    Learn songs like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  122. 07.07.2014
    If I Cannot Strengthen Our Bench
    ...Then I shall certainly do nothing to weaken it.

  123. 05.07.2014
    Jack Hamm on (Artistic) Practice
    On the virtues of practice (and of what/how to).

  124. 16.02.2014
    Don't Care Too Much About Gear
    You don't need thousands of dollars to sound awesome.

  125. 03.01.2014
    Write With Vigour
    Write, cut, write, cut.

  126. 26.12.2013
    Teal Stares
    Staring in teal and yellow.

  127. 11.12.2013
    Lighting Wizardry
    Trine 2's developers are wizards of light(ing).

  128. 10.12.2013
    Yellow Rails
    Strong colour contrasts.

  129. 08.12.2013
    Alien Blue Entrances
    If nothing else.

  130. 02.12.2013
    Coloured Plasmids
    A doll smiles hauntingly amidst plasmids and mind/body altering liquids.

  131. 30.11.2013
    Particle Oranges
    Bouncing lights - orange, red, yellow and blacks.

  132. 29.11.2013
    美しい - Beautifully Woolly
    Love for sheeps make beauty.

  133. 29.11.2013
    勉強 - Straining Studious Strength
    Pushing through learning.

  134. 29.11.2013
    ガラケー Garakei Evolution
    The Galápagos keitai.

  135. 28.11.2013
    ケチ - Scroogean Niggardliness
    Parsimonious misers.

  136. 11.11.2013
    下戸 - Lower House
    Of houses, families and drinking inclinations.

  137. 08.11.2013
    Red Riding Hood's Examination-in-Chief
    Fairy tale examinations.

  138. 03.07.2013
    Craft Versus Discipline
    The difference between crafts and disciplines.

  139. 21.07.2012
    Hunted By GLaDoS
    Subtle GLaDoS destroys an entire room to (try to) prevent you from escaping.

  140. 04.07.2012
    When To Not Use Data Structures/Algorithms
    Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to.

  141. 22.04.2012
    Ludicrous Ace
    逆転裁判 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) is fun, but messed-up.

  142. 21.04.2012
    Cinematic Mass Effect
    Mass Effect is ridiculously cinematic.

  143. 20.04.2012
    A Misty Morgue's Bat
    Batman's silhouette, as wispy steam and mist enwrap him.

  144. 14.04.2012
    Ghostly Portal
    Portal feels ghostly at times.

  145. 02.04.2012
    Abstract Wall Painting
    In-game art from the equally artsy parkour game.

  146. 01.04.2012
  147. 26.03.2012
    Apricot Orange Sunsets
    This is not a real photo.

  148. 19.03.2012
    Lush Exoplanets
    Virmire, the forested alien planet.

  149. 17.03.2012
    Upper and Lower Hengsha
    Deus Ex's in-game literature.

  150. 16.03.2012
  151. 15.03.2012
    Cel-Shaded Arena
    Cel-shaded beauty.

  152. 25.09.2010
    Books which make oxen sweat, and which touch ceilings.

  153. 28.08.2010
    Of rusty swords and personal fault.

  154. 26.08.2010
    Cry of god - of thunder and gods who wear loincloths made from tiger skin.

  155. 24.08.2010
  156. 22.08.2010
    Redder persimmons, darker blue doctors.

  157. 20.08.2010
    Love laughs at locksmiths.

  158. 16.08.2010
    You Have Reason
    Other ways to say: 'You're right.'

  159. 16.08.2010
    Lost Nuances in 'Ivan the Terrible'
    In Japanese: 'Ivan the Thunder Emperor'.

  160. 15.08.2010
    Old People of the Sea

  161. 14.08.2010
    A panther's change.

  162. 14.08.2010
    Basic Kanji Learning Principles
    Quick principles to identification/construction.

  163. 14.08.2010
    A hundred flowers blossom riotously.

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