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大蛇に嫁いだ娘 - The Girl Married to the Giant Serpent

A slice-of-life romance between a young bride and a gigantic snake.

... 「傷モノの娘だ。ちょうどよい」そう言われ、 山の主である大蛇のもとに供物として嫁いだ少女ミヨ。 喰われるのではないかと怯えるミヨだったが、 大蛇は夫婦になれたことを喜んでいる様子。 しかし、大蛇の愛情表現は人間のそれとは大きく異なり――

..."Damaged goods, be she. It'll be fine."

Thereupon Miyo was married off as an offering to the Giant Serpent, Lord of the Mountain.

Though Miyo feared being eaten alive, the Serpent took to her coming and his future married life with glee.

Yet the Serpent expresses love differently than humans do...

Earlier this year I chanced upon this Japanese manga, and bought it on a whim.

It turned out to be an insanely funny read. It's not horror; it's a slice of life/comedy manga, with a distinctively-Japanese twist on interspecies-romance.

The writing and pacing is terrific - and leads you through quite a journey as to how a human married to a giant, cold-blooded snake might have to bear its eccentricies - e.g. its skin-shedding, eating/hunting habits, hibernation through the passing of seasons, etc.

The snake is corporeal; i.e. it's just a really large snake, not some mythical or supernatural entity. This makes for some... interesting plot points. (One of which concerned the author's surprisingly diligent research of the serpent's... anatomical properties.)

You also know a story's going to be good when it features a nihilistic, cynical, playboy raccoon (who himself has many raccoon wives), standing in as unwitting friend, advisor, and comic foil to our protagonist.

I left my positive note to the mangaka on Twitter:





The author responded happily, and alluded to ongoing hard work on the sequel.

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