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  1. 31.07.2022
    Hades And (Non-Ending) Desk Jobs
    Office work ends not upon death.

  2. 03.07.2022
    The Unpreparedness Apology
    To beautifully say, "I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared."

  3. 20.06.2022
    Cultists of Science
    Keep not to discovered untruths - cast them into fire.

  4. 18.06.2022
    Strangling Deeds
    Deeds live on, akin to children.

  5. 15.06.2022
    Prepackaged Thought Cassettes
    Think. If you don't, someone will, for you.

  6. 11.06.2022
    大蛇に嫁いだ娘 - The Girl Married to the Giant Serpent
    A slice-of-life romance between a young bride and a gigantic snake.

  7. 11.06.2022
    Salted Correspondences
    Let stones lie as they were.

  8. 11.06.2022
    Vampiric Pathology
    Supernatural dissections and dissectees.

  9. 10.06.2022
    Teach Thy Tongue to Say: 'I Do Not Know'
    Judgments as opinions, and wisdom upon the uncertainty of opinions.

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