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  1. 29.11.2023
    Of Witchers By Trade
    Being witnesses of truth.

  2. 15.10.2023
    Sunset-Rowing Witchers
    Wandering into the Bald Mountains.

  3. 09.07.2023
    Non-Dissonant Speed Keybindings
    With Sublime Text, Jetbrain IDEs, and Vim/Visual Studio Code.

  4. 02.04.2023
    Witching May Die, But Not Litigation
    So long as men are monsters, there will be litigation.

  5. 01.04.2023
    Search Notes Fast: With Taskwarrior, jq & ripgrep
    Search through Taskwarrior annotations fast.

  6. 29.03.2023
    Moving Away from Todoist - to Taskwarrior, SSH & Dropbox - Part 2
    A syncing workflow with Taskwarrior, Dropbox and SSH + rsync.

  7. 29.03.2023
  8. 23.03.2023
    Copywork vs Master Studies
    One with which to drill, the other to open minds. By both, you learn.

  9. 04.01.2023
    Newton's Commonplace Beginnings
    Isaac Newton's use of waste paper to learn and progress.

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