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Hamstrung Limitations

The modern programming workforce, conventions, and the freedom to apply abstractions.

... Mostly, what I have a problem with actually, is modern conventions.

A lot of these people - like you were saying - they go to college, and they are very smart people, and they learn what they are exposed to.

I would know nothing of any of these things that I am teaching you, if I did not know people who knew them. I was fortunate to know experts who knew these things. And that is the only reason I know any of these things. I would never know any of them if it weren't for those experiences. And so, the thing that I think is the real problem, and one of the reasons that I'm doing this stream, is because we just need to put this information out there.

Smart people who know, who understand, the importance of performance-oriented code, and writing code that works well and is reliable, and those sorts of things: they are going to understand all of the importance of these things, of knowing how the computer works, and understanding the security implications of memory, and understanding its implications to memory. [...]

There's programmers out there that are way smarter than I am, I'm sure. But if they've never had the experience, they're gonna be very, very hamstrung. It's gonna be limiting what they can do, and they're gonna be limited to programming in (Java) abstractions, that never let them achieve their full potential that they could be achieving. Their programs will always be slower. Their programs will always not be able to do these things, and that's unfortunate. And that does upset me to some degree. Because I want everyone to be able to be as good at programming as they can be. And when they do use abstractions, I want it to be their choice, what abstractions they use.

- Casey Muratori - Intro to C on Windows - Day 3 Q & A

It's not that people aren't smart; it's that sometimes, they may never even have had access to such knowledge. Sharing is the only remedy. Hence, Handmade Hero.

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