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Sexism Against Modern Men

Steven Crowder's enlightening interview with Dana Loesch, a former feminist.

At 15:05, Dana comments on the unfairness that modern men face, and the sexist attitudes of feminists themselves:

Dana: ... this idea that one sex bears all of the responsibility for every single thing in life is sexist, inherently. It's idiotic, and it's unfair to young boys.

I feel like there's a war on young boys -- I feel like there's a war on boys, period. Because they, society, comes down on them so hard. Everything from Title IX, to all this other -- the abortion on demand, the feminist crap, that we hear about, day in and day out. If they even hold the door open for a lady now, there was a poll taken -- oh no, not a poll taken, but a story written -- about how, "well, really that's still inherent sexism".

Okay, then get your own damn door, broads! I'm tired of this stuff. I'm tired of men constantly being attacked.

And Steven, honestly, that was one of the single biggest things, that was like the lever that just kicked it all off; that's how I started on the path to actually acknowledging, that okay, maybe I am a conservative, because I brought a young man into the world. A boy that I am raising into a young man. And I had to come face-to-face with the fact that all of the biggest demons that he is going to have to battle in his life are things for which I used to advocate, and use all of my power to promote, and make ever more prevalent in society. And so, part of my punishment I think, or part of my coming to terms with that, is I'm going to now help my young man navigate all those land mines that I set in my paths as a progressive feminist.

At 24:13, Dana points out how feminists fail to understand what partnership means:

Steven: ...I know feminists are already going to get mad about this -- because I'm not saying it's necessary -- but what's more empowering to a strong woman than a strong man who undergirds her, and supports her values?

Dana: You're right. And women who take personal offence like that, they don't know -- and I will say this very slowly, so that there is no mistake in my words -- they don't understand what a partnership is. That is what a successful partnership is. That is what a successful marriage is. I wouldn't be able to do everything I am able to do without my husband there with me, and vice versa. It is not for a lack of strength that I say this; it is to acknowledge the strength that is in my union with him. And those who don't understand that, like I said, they do not understand partnerships.

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