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"...A structured system of communication. The structure of a language is its grammar and the free components are its vocabulary. Languages are the primary means of communication of humans, and can be conveyed through speech (spoken language), sign, or writing."

  1. 26.12.2022
    Lusa to Overmorrow, Kelmarin to Ereyesterday
    Two days yore, and two days yet to be.

  2. 18.10.2022
    The Airplane Test of Fluency
    Linguistic fluency and focus in flight.

  3. 22.08.2018
    Heinrich Schliemann's Learning Method
    Dedication and perseverance beyond the average.

  4. 06.10.2015
    Subservient/Servile Written Malay
    The differing tone of formal written English and Malay.

  5. 17.12.2014
    Horse years.

  6. 03.01.2014
    Write With Vigour
    Write, cut, write, cut.

  7. 29.11.2013
    美しい - Beautifully Woolly
    Love for sheeps make beauty.

  8. 29.11.2013
    ガラケー Garakei Evolution
    The Galápagos keitai.

  9. 28.11.2013
    ケチ - Scroogean Niggardliness
    Parsimonious misers.

  10. 11.11.2013
    下戸 - Lower House
    Of houses, families and drinking inclinations.

  11. 25.09.2010
    Books which make oxen sweat, and which touch ceilings.

  12. 28.08.2010
    Of rusty swords and personal fault.

  13. 26.08.2010
    Cry of god - of thunder and gods who wear loincloths made from tiger skin.

  14. 24.08.2010
  15. 22.08.2010
    Redder persimmons, darker blue doctors.

  16. 20.08.2010
    Love laughs at locksmiths.

  17. 16.08.2010
    Lost Nuances in 'Ivan the Terrible'
    In Japanese: 'Ivan the Thunder Emperor'.

  18. 16.08.2010
    You Have Reason
    Other ways to say: 'You're right.'

  19. 15.08.2010
    Old People of the Sea

  20. 14.08.2010
    A hundred flowers blossom riotously.

  21. 14.08.2010
    Basic Kanji Learning Principles
    Quick principles to identification/construction.

  22. 14.08.2010
    A panther's change.

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