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"...A system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, with its precise definition a matter of longstanding debate. It has been variously described as a science and the art of justice."

  1. 29.11.2023
    Of Witchers By Trade
    Being witnesses of truth.

  2. 02.04.2023
    Witching May Die, But Not Litigation
    So long as men are monsters, there will be litigation.

  3. 10.06.2022
    Teach Thy Tongue to Say: 'I Do Not Know'
    Judgments as opinions, and wisdom upon the uncertainty of opinions.

  4. 06.06.2022
    To Teach or To Paint
    A common plight one faces as a craftsman.

  5. 30.04.2022
    Masters of A Fraction of A Dot
    When be you so consumed with winning, above all else.

  6. 07.04.2021
    Harangued Commitments
    One should love the exasperated tone of the bench here.

  7. 23.02.2021
    Counsel Citing Adverse Authorities
    It's rare for counsel to cite adverse authorities.

  8. 29.09.2020
    Rays of Circumstance
    Shining light on circumstantial evidence.

  9. 20.08.2020
    A Case for Legalese (Or Not)
    Singular interpretations and written objectivity.

  10. 05.03.2020
    The Artificers' Duty of Care
    An admonishment to professionals who issue statements with abandon.

  11. 03.01.2020
    Git for Legal Practice
    Version control for lawyers/advocates and solicitors, and its benefits.

  12. 02.01.2020
    Theory and Theatre
    When complexity is used to hide ignorance and feign learnedness.

  13. 16.09.2019
    Legal Practice & Taking From Software Best Practices
    My litigation style is gradually taking cues from software engineering best practices.

  14. 12.12.2017
    Innocent Until Proven Guilty
    On the need to prove guilt, and of being innocent until proven otherwise.

  15. 09.07.2016
    The Lawgiving Coder
    Coders as creators of universes and law.

  16. 24.01.2016
    Prayers Like Magic
    Your prayers to court are, in a way, akin to incantations.

  17. 24.10.2015
    Salomon v Salomon is Antiquated
    Our courts shouldn't apply Salomon v Salomon so strictly.

  18. 28.09.2015
    Mocking the Law - Excessive Judicial Discretion
    When judges should be chastised.

  19. 11.08.2015
    Proper Denials and Bare Denials
    Denials in two kinds.

  20. 22.07.2015
    Fair Judges of Fair Play
    If only most litigants leave court satisfied.

  21. 28.06.2015
  22. 31.05.2015
    Judges Should Not Fear Criticism
    They should welcome it.

  23. 18.05.2015
    Indian Judicial Writing
    Please don't write like this.

  24. 07.07.2014
    If I Cannot Strengthen Our Bench
    ...Then I shall certainly do nothing to weaken it.

  25. 08.11.2013
    Red Riding Hood's Examination-in-Chief
    Fairy tale examinations.

  26. 22.04.2012
    Ludicrous Ace
    逆転裁判 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) is fun, but messed-up.

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