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  1. 02.01.2024
    Go Interfaces - By Witcher-Like Metaphors
    If a king's Go programmer had to hire a witcher.

  2. 29.11.2023
    Of Witchers By Trade
    Being witnesses of truth.

  3. 15.10.2023
    Sunset-Rowing Witchers
    Wandering into the Bald Mountains.

  4. 09.07.2023
    Non-Dissonant Speed Keybindings
    With Sublime Text, Jetbrain IDEs, and Vim/Visual Studio Code.

  5. 02.04.2023
    Witching May Die, But Not Litigation
    So long as men are monsters, there will be litigation.

  6. 01.04.2023
    Search Notes Fast: With Taskwarrior, jq & ripgrep
    Search through Taskwarrior annotations fast.

  7. 29.03.2023
    Moving Away from Todoist - to Taskwarrior, SSH & Dropbox - Part 2
    A syncing workflow with Taskwarrior, Dropbox and SSH + rsync.

  8. 29.03.2023
  9. 23.03.2023
    Copywork vs Master Studies
    One with which to drill, the other to open minds. By both, you learn.

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