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  1. 18.10.2022
    The Airplane Test of Fluency
    Linguistic fluency and focus in flight.

  2. 17.10.2022
    AI Art Is Real Art
    Synthesis and beauty makes art, not just the artist.

  3. 31.07.2022
    Hades And (Non-Ending) Desk Jobs
    Office work ends not upon death.

  4. 03.07.2022
    The Unpreparedness Apology
    To beautifully say, "I'm sorry, I wasn't prepared."

  5. 20.06.2022
    Cultists of Science
    Keep not to discovered untruths - cast them into fire.

  6. 18.06.2022
    Strangling Deeds
    Deeds live on, akin to children.

  7. 15.06.2022
    Prepackaged Thought Cassettes
    Think. If you don't, someone will, for you.

  8. 11.06.2022
    大蛇に嫁いだ娘 - The Girl Married to the Giant Serpent
    A slice-of-life romance between a young bride and a gigantic snake.

  9. 11.06.2022
    Salted Correspondences
    Let stones lie as they were.

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