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"...An electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface or input device – such as a joystick, controller, keyboard, or motion sensing device – to generate visual feedback."

  1. 02.01.2024
    Go Interfaces - By Witcher-Like Metaphors
    If a king's Go programmer had to hire a witcher.

  2. 29.11.2023
    Of Witchers By Trade
    Being witnesses of truth.

  3. 15.10.2023
    Sunset-Rowing Witchers
    Wandering into the Bald Mountains.

  4. 31.07.2022
    Hades And (Non-Ending) Desk Jobs
    Office work ends not upon death.

  5. 27.08.2020
    Write Like You Play Tetris
    Drop it until you clear it.

  6. 05.02.2020
    Nostalgic Raging Streets
    Streets of Rage 4 hits home, and it hits hard.

  7. 14.09.2019
    Narratives Hold
    Max Payne 1 is from 2001.

  8. 12.07.2016
    Refunctin' Blocks
    Skies and seas of serenity.

  9. 06.09.2015
    Big Illegal Guns
    Heavy-duty firepower, for the malaria-tainted protagonist's picking.

  10. 19.07.2015
    Deadened Demonyms
    Fascinating names/titles of games and their objects/venues/items.

  11. 26.12.2013
    Teal Stares
    Staring in teal and yellow.

  12. 11.12.2013
    Lighting Wizardry
    Trine 2's developers are wizards of light(ing).

  13. 10.12.2013
    Yellow Rails
    Strong colour contrasts.

  14. 08.12.2013
    Alien Blue Entrances
    If nothing else.

  15. 02.12.2013
    Coloured Plasmids
    A doll smiles hauntingly amidst plasmids and mind/body altering liquids.

  16. 30.11.2013
    Particle Oranges
    Bouncing lights - orange, red, yellow and blacks.

  17. 21.07.2012
    Hunted By GLaDoS
    Subtle GLaDoS destroys an entire room to (try to) prevent you from escaping.

  18. 22.04.2012
    Ludicrous Ace
    逆転裁判 (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) is fun, but messed-up.

  19. 21.04.2012
    Cinematic Mass Effect
    Mass Effect is ridiculously cinematic.

  20. 20.04.2012
    A Misty Morgue's Bat
    Batman's silhouette, as wispy steam and mist enwrap him.

  21. 14.04.2012
    Ghostly Portal
    Portal feels ghostly at times.

  22. 02.04.2012
    Abstract Wall Painting
    In-game art from the equally artsy parkour game.

  23. 01.04.2012
  24. 26.03.2012
    Apricot Orange Sunsets
    This is not a real photo.

  25. 19.03.2012
    Lush Exoplanets
    Virmire, the forested alien planet.

  26. 17.03.2012
    Upper and Lower Hengsha
    Deus Ex's in-game literature.

  27. 16.03.2012
  28. 15.03.2012
    Cel-Shaded Arena
    Cel-shaded beauty.

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