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"...A systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe."

  1. 20.06.2022
    Cultists of Science
    Keep not to discovered untruths - cast them into fire.

  2. 27.04.2020
    How Science Should Be
    Sticking to the science.

  3. 05.03.2020
    The Artificers' Duty of Care
    An admonishment to professionals who issue statements with abandon.

  4. 19.02.2020
    STEM, STEAM and Art
    Arts should not be grouped with the sciences.

  5. 02.01.2020
    Theory and Theatre
    When complexity is used to hide ignorance and feign learnedness.

  6. 29.08.2018
    Damascus Differences
    The real ones, not from Final Fantasy.

  7. 23.08.2018
    Darwin's Details
    Science (and the devil) is in the details.

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