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"...A form of musical notation indicating instrument fingering rather than musical pitches."

  1. 12.03.2016
    Transcript of Tifa Funk - Interlude Solo (Tifa's Theme by Tetrimino)
    My transcription of the piano interlude from "Tifa Funk".

  2. 05.03.2016
    Rather Be (Alexa Goddard's Version)
    Transcription of Alexa Goddard's acoustic cover of Clean Bandit's "Rather Be".

  3. 08.02.2016
    Eye to Eye (Jonathan Young's Version)
    My transcription of Jonathan Young's cover of "Eye to Eye".

  4. 16.10.2015
    Don Ted E. Bear Waltz - Guitar Arrangement (Sam & Max)
    My transcription of 'Don Ted E. Bear Waltz', from Sam & Max.

  5. 14.06.2015
    Just the Two of Us (6-Bar Guitar/Sax Copy)
    My transcription of Mindi Abair's solo part of the cover.

  6. 17.01.2015
    Grandma - Guitar Arrangement (NieR Gestalt)
    My transcription of 'Grandma', from NieR Gestalt.

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