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"...Act of rehearsing a behaviour repeatedly, to help learn and eventually master a skill. The word derives from the Greek "πρακτική" (praktike), feminine of "πρακτικός" (praktikos), "fit for or concerned with action, practical", and that from the verb "πράσσω" (prasso), "to achieve, bring about, effect, accomplish"."

  1. 06.06.2022
    To Teach or To Paint
    A common plight one faces as a craftsman.

  2. 19.08.2018
    Saunter Not
    Ne'er a time for sauntering.

  3. 18.07.2014
    Keep Learning Songs
    Learn songs like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  4. 05.07.2014
    Jack Hamm on (Artistic) Practice
    On the virtues of practice (and of what/how to).

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