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"...A sequence of instructions in a programming language that a computer can execute or interpret."

  1. 21.07.2021
    Basis for Base64
    Reductionist SQLite storage.

  2. 10.07.2021
    Plants Are Maths
    Cauliflowers grow mathematically.

  3. 02.07.2021
    The Problem With New Tools
    New (software) tools can be difficult.

  4. 12.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#10
    Define a function overlapping() that takes two lists and returns True if they have at least one member in common, False otherwise.

  5. 11.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#02
    Define a function max_of_three() that takes 3 numbers as arguments and returns the largest.

  6. 11.02.2021
    46 Simple Python Exercises/#01
    Define a function max() that takes two numbers as arguments and returns the largest of them.

  7. 29.08.2020
    Magnum Norvig
    The opus of clarity.

  8. 25.08.2020
    Hamstrung Limitations
    Abstractions by choice, not by ignorance.

  9. 25.08.2020
    Triple Buffered Painters
    Useful metaphor for buffering/rendering/switching canvases.

  10. 22.08.2020
    Decoding Code Specimens
    Dissect code like 18th century scientists do their biological specimens.

  11. 20.08.2020
    A Case for Legalese (Or Not)
    Singular interpretations and written objectivity.

  12. 13.08.2020
    Consenting Pythonic Adults
    Do it Pythonically, preferably.

  13. 20.05.2020
    A Programmer & His Mechanical Friend
    Harder isn't necessarily better.

  14. 13.02.2020
    The Code Language Lawyers
    Debating code of code.

  15. 29.01.2020
    Code & Shame
    Be critical with your code, and sometimes yourself.

  16. 03.01.2020
    Git for Legal Practice
    Version control for lawyers/advocates and solicitors, and its benefits.

  17. 31.12.2019
  18. 16.09.2019
    Legal Practice & Taking From Software Best Practices
    My litigation style is gradually taking cues from software engineering best practices.

  19. 11.01.2019
    Clarity of Liskov
    Write clearly, especially with technical answers.

  20. 31.12.2018
    Why Plain Text
    Excellent justifications for use of plain text.

  21. 30.12.2018
    Castles and Air
    A clay of code made of thought-stuff.

  22. 14.12.2018
    Recursion, Succinctly Put
    The rules of recursion.

  23. 04.01.2018
    Java Almost Requires An IDE
    An IDE as an-almost compulsory requirement is not a desirable language trait.

  24. 02.01.2018
    Genuinely Technical Modesty
    Humility in the face of proven expertise.

  25. 17.12.2017
    To Know C
    Those who know C, and those who actually don't.

  26. 16.12.2017
    Sketch, Draft, Craft
    Whatever your art (digital or analogue), we all experiment.

  27. 16.12.2017
    When Defying Simplicity
    Of the obviousness of deficiencies in simple/complicated designs.

  28. 15.12.2017
    The Breakings of Julia
    The low-level diving tinkerability of Julia.

  29. 15.12.2017
    The Python Paradox
    The programmer who gets the better job learn the things they don't need for it.

  30. 08.12.2017
    The Song of Java Braces
    When coders become song lyricists.

  31. 03.12.2017
    Declarative, Imperative, Functional Sandwiches
    Programming paradigms and sandwiches.

  32. 03.01.2017
    Debugging: Twice As Hard As Writing Code
    'Twice' is probably an underestimation.

  33. 11.07.2016
    SublimeREPL's Slow Printing/Freezing - A Solution
    Applies when you're using the interpreter.

  34. 09.07.2016
    The Lawgiving Coder
    Coders as creators of universes and law.

  35. 04.07.2012
    When To Not Use Data Structures/Algorithms
    Just because you can, doesn't mean you have to.

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